Certified Jedi-Master or Not

Posted: 23rd November 2010 by gutomaia in Career
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Certification is always controversial theme. There will be the ones who defend them and the ones who repudiate them. A growing scale on both sides of the balance. However what really intrigues me is the equilibrium on both sides. As The IT market increase the pursuit for certified professionals, the other side, the community, just improve their hate for it. Why?

This article intend to take steps on both sides of the fence. This is a opinion that I have been supporting for the last two years, what I believe is right and wrong about certification and the whole miss-concept that surround it.

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First Post

Posted: 3rd November 2010 by gutomaia in Uncategorized

For some time I’ve been thinking of writing a blog. Actually I have been charged up by friends mostly ’cause of some crazy ideas that they think I should write about.Well, that’s the first post. This post usually defines the lead of the blog. What will come next, what subjects will be treated. Well that’s the new problem. What to write? Some crazy unpolished thoughts! No.

Every blog has a reason to be, a main focus. As a software developer this might be a blog with coding tendencies. However, I intent to explore other adjacent areas as well. In fact, there is also a wide geek and gaming themes to get into too. It’s hard drop the hammer and narrow the picture on the first post.

Neither-more, I don’t know whats coming, but I know what you won’t see here. As a good blog reader, sometimes I saw lots of similar posts about a trending topic. I don’t like them ’cause they were just catch by the wave, and then flushed. If you see something that’s looks like a trend here. Take a closer look. I bet that there is something more under the hood.

Fortunately the intention of first post is more like a push up, a point of no return. Now the blog is unofficially  started with no serious post and no lead. Just the idea to write something original about what come up.

Now, let’s hope that the second post don’t take too long…